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Will Clay County Florida extradite or come to look for me for a Petit Theft Order for arrest

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While vacationing made a terrible choice, was never ever approached at the store. They must have gotten my license plate. Now almost two years later I am told by my ex-husband there is a warrant for my arrest in Clay County Fl. Clay county website says my name order for arrest, the Florida wanted person site says warrant for larceny not sure what the difference is. I scared out of my mind, I have a family I am not a dirt ball, I recognized I had a problem and since have sought help, I am a professional, college educated. I am mortified I cannot tell my family, my husband would surely leave, this is just awful. I have gone to the DL center since this incident, gotten my tags, gotten my license renewed, I just got sworn in as a notary never have I been made aware of this issueI am not hiding

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It will eventually come to light. The best thing to do in my opinion would be to hire an attorney in Clay County to see what he can do. Sounds like you have a clean record but for this incident. If that is the case it may just be a matter of turning yourself in to clear the warrant then working the case out. Petty Larceny should be a misdemeanor charge, but again contact a Florida attorney. I have had clients with similar issues get arrested years after the fact when they just let it go. Good Luck to you!

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You will need to hire an attorney in Clay County (or Florida at least). While you may not get extradited on a petty larceny charge you may sit in the jail while they decide. Better to handle this now then go to jail after a traffic stop.

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