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Will be declaring chapter 7 bankruptcy want to know if I include my cell phone bill?

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  1. If you owe money from the past to your cell phone company you would include that as a liability. If you want to reject the contact you may also be able to do that. If you are paid and current but have paid them more than $600 in the last 90 days you might want to report that. In a bankruptcy not having an attorney could cost you a lot more money than having a decent attorney and having no problem.

    These statements do not constitute legal advice. They are meant to be general in nature, for any specific legal questions you should always seek the counsel of an experienced attorney.

  2. You will generally have to report all assets, all liabilities, all income and all expenses. So yes, you would typically include your cellphone bill. However, I can tell you a whole lot more if you schedule a free initial consultation with me.

    If you think my response is the best response, it would help me if you would indicate that. Also, please note that my responses to question(s) are NOT legal advice from me to you because I am NOT your lawyer, you are NOT my client, and we do NOT currently have an attorney-client relationship. Thanks!

  3. Yes. If you have a contract for service, you have the option of rejecting or assuming the contract.

    If you just have a past due amount owed, you would list it like your other credit card debt.

  4. Yes, you need to list all your debt. If you owe an outstanding balance to a cell phone company you need to list that debt. Additionally, if you also have a contract with a cell phone company you need to decide if you want to reject the contract or assume the contract.

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