Will be citizenship be denied?

I am going to my citizenship interview this week. I just mailed my tax returns to the IRS for 2007, 08, 09, and 10 out last week. 2011 is up to date. I will owe the IRS some money, which I did not send in as yet because I am waiting for the correct amount, as they usually add interest. My returns have not been processed . How should I handle this when going to my interview? Will this cause me to be denied? I am prepared to make the payment. Will they even ask to see my returns, or verify anything with the IRS? Someone told me they check tax returns only for applicants filing based on marriage. I am single, and have have been a permanent resident for over 20 years.

Jamaica, NY -

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Robert Henry Beer

Robert Henry Beer

Immigration Attorney - Marietta, GA

It is better to be safe than sorry. I would suggest bringing COPIES of all your tax returns to your interview. Be honest with your examiner. It would better if you have a signed payment plan with the IRS to show the examiner. You might seriously consider rescheduling your N-400 interview (as opposed to just not showing up). Hope this helps. Wishing you well.

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