Will at fault persons home owners ins. cover my injuries if the auto ins. policy limits will be maxed out due to major injuries

Asked about 1 year ago - Monterey, CA

I was hit on the road by an at fault driver, Policy limits are not enough to cover all of my injuries. would a home owners policy have any coverage for this type of thing?

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I was a pedestrian in this accident.

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  1. Michael R Crosner

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    Answered . Homeowners liability insurance will not cover auto insurance claims. If you have not yet consulted a personal injury attorney please do so immediately. He will help ascertain if the driver was the registered owner in order to ascertain if an additional; policy exits. Further, it is important to rule out if the other driver was the agent of another person, or was in the course & scope of employment at the time of the accident. Also the assets of the at fault driver should be investigated for possible contribution; and of course if you carry uninsured motorist coverage a claim need to be made. Good luck

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  2. Christian K. Lassen II


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    Answered . No, but a good lawyer can often times find other sources of funds. Contact one of the above lawyers in your state to investigate.

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  3. Daniel Nelson Deasy

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    Answered . No -- the homeowner's policy will include very specific language that says auto claims are not covered.

    So sorry about that.

    Have you turned to your own underinsured motorist insurance carrier and more importantly, have you talked to your attorney about every possible avenue of recovery?

    Best of luck!


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  4. Larry Alan Apfelbaum

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    Answered . Listen to Mr. Crowned. His answer is solid. Good luck!

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  5. Paul J Molinaro


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    Answered . If a person suffers harm because of the fault of the driver of a car - whether the victim is a pedestrian or another driver - said victim needs to do the following: First - immediately get medical attention. Second - hire a personal injury attorney. We personal injury type lawyers offer free consultations and take cases on a contingent (meaning our client does not pay unless he or she "wins" money).

    No one should handle any claim (involving a motor vehicle accident with bodily injury) against any insurance company without a lawyer. Claims should be handled by a lawyer - one who will be able to understand and explain the physical damages and injuries from accident. The victim of a car accident really needs to worry about one thing - getting better. That means attending doctor's appointments, attending physical therapy (if appropriate), and taking his or her medication. All of the rest can be handled by a personal injury attorney. We earn our fees (contingent by the way) by taking on the stress and hassle of fighting for money - I dare say some of us actually enjoy the fight, but I realize that most people do not enjoy conflict.

    As for getting recovery such an endeavor involves making sure to go after anyone and everyone plus their insurance companies who has even a hint of liability... while making absolutely sure not to cross the line into frivolous lawsuits or extortion, we will use all legal means to recover for our injured client(s). In a motor vehicle accident, most personal injuries immediately target the driver, the owner, and the employer of the driver as potential defendants. If the defendants want to argue among themselves, so be it, but if the accident is the fault of the driver, at least one of them will be found liable when the jury gives the verdict.

    - Paul

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  6. Joseph Gerard Dell


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    Answered . Only if the homeowners policy has a provision that covers the automobiles within the household. This is usually accomplished by what we refer to as an excess or umbrella policy. Most homeowners policy do not cover the automobiles so you need to ask if there is excess or an brella provision.

  7. Juan Jesus Ordaz Jr


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    Answered . Not likely but but have it as a requisite that you want to inspect their h/o policy before settling. Be careful. You should consider hiring an attorney for limited investigation on this matter.

  8. Stacy E Pepper


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    Answered . Generally speaking no. A good rule of thumb to remember is that if something is titled (like a car) then the home owners coverage does not apply. There are exceptions, but they are rare.

    Lots of people think that because their motorcycle was parked int he garage of their home, it will be covered by their home owners insurance if the house burns down, and this simply is not true since the motorcycle is titled.
    Again, there are exceptions, so contact your local attorney and let him advise you.

    Best of luck,


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