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Will any lawyer in Illinois sue DCFS?

Freeport, IL |

We need to sue DCFS for the wrongful and illegal removal of our son. They have violated our rights. I have searched high and low and have yet to find a lawyer brave enough to sue them or who is qualified in this area of law. They say, " it's not that you don't have a case but we are not qualified in this area of law."

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    when your son was removed, you got some papers. either a juvenile court case petition and summons, a safety plan, a letter indicating some bad conduct. something. get those.

    if a juvenile court summons and petition, did you file an appearance, response, and then contest the allegations? if so, you are in the right place. get a lawyer to represent you in juvi court. if no such papers, then you probably have a safety plan.

    it was a bad move to sign the safety plan. it is binding. you must follow it to the letter. if you are and if dcfs is not returning your child, then you could file a petition for habeas corpus against the director of dcfs to try to get your son back. this is a gutsy move and not easy to do. you could also request an administrative hearing pursuant to the safety plan to get your child back.

    if either of the above, you need a lawyer to help you. but if you are shopping for lawyers saying are you willing to sue dcfs, most will say, no. so, do not ask that. ask if the lawyer is willing to help you get your son back.

    this will not be quick nor inexpensive. these cases are difficult. not many lawyers do much juvenile court work.

  2. It is not a matter of a lawyer being brave or unqualified. You can try to sue DCFS, but you will get nowhere and lawyers know that. You are better off using your energy trying to get your child back. DCFS does not take children for no reason. Why not hire a lawyer to help you reunite yourselves with your son?

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