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Will an old arrest show up in a state background check for RN licensing

New Providence, NJ |

I had minor legal domestic issues in CO related to a divorce more than 9 years ago. It has not been a problem for me obtaining my RN license or with background checks for employment in NJ. I even had a state and federal background check done when I applied to a State hospital and the incident did not come up. Now I am applying for my RN license in CO and I am wondering if I should expect this to come up since it happened in CO?

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    You're going to be asked about it on the application. If you lie, and it's later discovered you lose your RN license. They could fail to find it now, but computers somewhere could be upgraded in the future, or there's a more thorough background review at some point, or there's an investigation in connection with a medical malpractice suit where you work.... don't risk this. And don't risk having to live with knowing that it's "out there."

    Especially if it's minor - disclose it. Hiding something / lying about it is generally considered much worse than the offense (for most offenses).

    There was an attorney in NJ who failed to disclose a ten year old DUI. When they found out about it, he was disbarred for lying ... even though they probably wouldn't have made a bid deal out of it had he disclosed it initially.

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  2. You need to ask a Co attorney. In NJ some DVs will not show on a CCH. I do not know about CO.

  3. This record may show up but if you have had no trouble in other states, more than likely even if it does appear in another background check, it should be fairly easily explained away. Best wishes.

  4. You absolutely need to contact a qualified license defense attorney in CO. Check The American Association of Nurse Attorneys ("TAANA") lawyer referral service for a list of reputable practitioners in that jurisdiction. Click here for the correct link: .

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