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Will an entry level separation from active duty air force, prevent me from enlisting in the air national guard?

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It was under academic reasons, there were no behavior issues

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Only a recruiter can answer that question, but in a day and age of a shrinking force, prior service members who had any sort of issues are having a hard time getting in.

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It sounds as if you failed to meet the minimum testing standards during initial training. If so, it is unlikely you would be of much benefit to the guard, which uses the same equipment as the Air Force.

Discuss your situation with your ANG recruiter to be sure.

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I was actually 1 week away from graduating. I was recently refered to student health for a sleeping disorder caused by stress. I spoke with a medical Captian, who told me I still have a good defence for avoiding separation. I should have made it clear that I am not separated yet from the air force, I still have the opertunity to meet with the commanding officer to address the recommendation for separation.

Rixon Charles Rafter III

Rixon Charles Rafter III


Your question should have been( can still be if you repost) 'what and how can I prepare for a meeting with the commanding officer regarding ELS due to academic sleep stress disorder.'


Every situation is different. Contact a recruiter for assistance. If you aren't sure about the answer you get, give my office a call. I would be happy to assist you in trying to join the Guard. Consult is free. Good luck.


I suggest you get help from your First Sergeant, Area Defense Counsel, and the Military Personnel Flight to find out what your re-enlistment code will be. The personnel code placed on your record, based on the basis for discharge, will determine whether any other branches (or the Air Guard) will allow you to re-enlist. But I agree with the other comments that re-enlistment into the Air Guard is unlikely considering the Air Guard is still the Air Force.

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