Will an employer see my record for shoplifting after 2 yrs have passed?

I was the 17 yr old, and now 21 that was caught shoplifting at jcpenny. So if i apply for a job now will the shoplifting case pop up? thank you sooo much again... it really helps.

Seattle, WA -

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Liza E. Burke

Liza E. Burke

Domestic Violence Lawyer - Seattle, WA

Actually, whether it "pops up" depends on a few things. If you were actually charged in court, then there would be a record of the proceedings that would exist until you affirmatively seek to have your record sealed. However, if this was a first time misdemeanor shoplift, then you may have been offered a diversion. Most matters referred for diversion are handled out of court and those records are confidential.

Daron George Morris

Daron George Morris

Criminal Defense Attorney - Seattle, WA

Yes. In most cases (unless you received a deferred sentence of some kind) it will continue to appear on your record unless you apply to the court to have it vacated. For misdemeanor shoplifting cases, a person can apply to the court to have the conviction vacated after three years (from the date of sentence).

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