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Will a warrant be issued if not answering phone calls and suspected of hit and run? Will police come to work?

Wausau, WI |

There was nobody injured and nothing was damaged. Vehicle slid into a snow bank and towed at city's expense. Vehicle was just recently purchased and owner does not yet have car insurance nor vehicle registered. Vehicle owner also does not have a valid drivers license.

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Too little info to answer accurately. Warrant is unlikely. Someone needs to get vehicle and that may lead to questions. No need to talk to cops as there is always a right to remain silent and have an attorney. Best to contact a lawyer to act as a buffer for this.


Acting like an ostrich is usually not the best way to deal with these things.

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If charges are referred to the district attorney's office, and that office believes there is enough for criminal charges and does file criminal charges, then a warrant could be issued if they are unable to serve you with a summons. Talk to a lawyer in a confidential setting ASAP. If you do have contact with the police, remember that you have the right to remain silent whether they tell you that you do or not. Don't waste it.


Police are going to be able to trace Owner, by DMV records to Seller and then to Owner. I suspect that, eventually, a Detective will come looking for the Owner at home and, if can't make contact there, the place of employment. The contents of the vehicle may have been inventoried. Police are going to have questions about who was driving, whether driver had been drinking/using illegal drugs, and why driver abandoned the vehicle without reporting it, especially if the vehicle remained partially on the roadway. Owner should get a criminal lawyer now. Also keep in mind that daily "storage fees" may well be accruing.

Karyn T. Missimer

Karyn T. Missimer


Avvo has taken away the ability to agree with questions after a certain period of time. So, now I have to comment to say "I agree." I agree.

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