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Will a shoplifing citation appear in local newspaper in Waynesville, NC (The Mountaineer Newspaper).?

Canton, NC |

I've never been more ashamed of anything I've done in my whole life. I'm in my early 40's and know better than to do such a stupid thing. I will kick myself daily for having this lapse in judgement and I'm sad that I've contributed to this ever rising problem. People do desperate things when cash gets scarce. Unfortunately I've put myself in a position where the court or judge probably wont think my word means much. For anyone who reads this: don't ever consider for a minute that taking something that don't belong to you could somehow be justified. When it comes down to it all you have is your integrity. Being able to look at yourself in the mirror everyday with pride means everything. It's not worth it. Take my advice: Whatever it is your coveting: do without it!

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If you have no record and exhibit the same honesty and remorse that you have in the question I am sure the judge will take note. The issue will be your criminal history and the facts, hire a local attorney that will also show the court you care. good luck.

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Sometimes I wish that lawyers on this site would stick to the states where they are licensed to practice law.

NC newspapers have taken to posting mug shots and police blotter sheets with names of people accused of various crimes. It's a fad. Some busybodies scan the papers or internet sites to see if they know someone who got arrested. Unfortunately these records are all in the public domain, and courts have upheld the papers' right to publish this information.

It sounds like you have learned a hard lesson. I'm sorry if you also become a public spectacle in the process. Keep your head up; do what you have to do; and when next week's paper comes out, everyone will forget about you. Good luck.

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