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Will a felony marijuana drug trafficking charge that was convicted as possession but sealed show up on a background check?

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I got charged for a felony drug trafficking charge when I was 18 and I am 20 now and plan to apply to medical school soon and I was wondering how the drug conviction would look when dealing with background checks for residency/jobs/school. Will they see the felony charge? Can I leave it out in applications and possibly, if it is sealed, ignore saying that it was even a drug conviction and say it was an open container or something? Will they know details about the case? Help would be much appreciated

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Most likely yes the conviction and charge would show up on a background check for medical school and the medical board. Most employers in non-medical fields would not be able to see this but medical field is able to get around the sealing. You would also be required to disclose this on your application to the medial board.

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It will likely show up. Certain licensing authorities are able to get around the expungment/sealing standard and the medical board is one such authority. You will most likely also have to disclose it to them as you apply, though I am not sure. The best route would be to call the board and ask if you need to disclose sealed convictions. They would be able to answer this the best way for you.

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Odds are they will. You must have plead to a misdemeanor then if you have it sealed already. If not already sealed, you must wait three years from the date of the final termination of your case i.e. probation (if it was a felony conviction).

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