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Will a criminal liabiity charge go on your record if you pay it? If not paid, will you go to court and end up having a record?

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My girlfriend's goal has always been to go to med school and right now she's convinced that if she gets convicted, those dreams are over. My girlfriend was shopping with her friend over her break in December of 2012 and, without her knowing, her friend was shoplifting. Her friend got caught, police were called and they ticketed her friend. The amount was somewhere around $125. My girlfriend wasn't ticketed. My girlfriend recieved a phone call early las t week stating she's being charged $225 for criminal liability as an accomplice. Her friend that was caught actually stealing was charged the same as well as a lawsuit of $300. Friend claims it wont go on her record. Her friend has been caught before but my girlfriend has no priors. Should my girlfriend really be stressing out so much?

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  1. A phone call? Who did the caller claim to be? Has she received anything in the mail regarding this incident. You will soon be hearing from qualified counsel licensed in IL. Your GF needs to talk with an attorney who can gather the necessary facts. Given her career goals she needs to get in front of this. it sounds like a variation on the civil demand scam, but I can't be sure without answers to questions. Neither you nor she should post any additional information about the incident on the Internet.

  2. Hire an attorney to write a letter, do not pay.

  3. Your girlfriend needs to retain an attorney to write a letter denying any liability. Paying this civil demand is unnecessary, especially when your girlfriend was not held or charged with retail theft. Please read:

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