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Will a car accident before my speeding ticket court date affect my chance for a deferral?

Tacoma, WA |

About two to three months ago, I got a speeding ticket for going 5 over and i requested a mitigated hearing, hoping to get a deferral for a first ticket. The court date is scheduled several days from today and I just got in car accident yesterday. I was found at fault but hope to request another mitigated hearing for that also. Will the car accident affect my chances for a referral? Thank you.

Attorney Answers 4

  1. Instead of paying fines and having your insurance rates go up by having tickets on your record I would recommend saving your deferral and hiring an attorney to contest the tickets for you and keep them off your record. This will often times save you money in the long run.

    Brad Barshis

  2. I agree with my esteemed colleague. Fighting the ticket with an attorney is likely to get you a better resolution than just using a deferred finding and mitigating the accident.

  3. No, the accident will have no effect on your ability to get a deferral.

  4. I, too, would suggest that you contact a local traffic ticket attorney.