Will 1st DWI affect me to apply H1B visa in the US?

I am currently OPT. I have a Master degree in the U.S. I got arrested in Texas. I am planning to be part of the DIVERT program. I work for Oil & Gas industry.

Katy, TX -

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Carl Michael Shusterman

Carl Michael Shusterman

Immigration Attorney - Los Angeles, CA

A DUI is not considered a crime of the moral turpitude. Therefore, it should not affect your ability to obtain an H-1B visa.

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Gen Kimura

Gen Kimura

Immigration Attorney - Houston, TX

I agree with my colleagues. Your DWI probably do no affect your employer's H1B petition. If you have to apply for a H1B visa at a U.S. Consulate, you should do so after you successfully complete the program.

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Isaul Verdin

Isaul Verdin

Immigration Attorney - Dallas, TX

It probably will not affect the H-1B petition but may cause problems during visa stamping overseas. Best of luck.

Verdin Law Firm, LLC
Dallas, TX


Mary Carmen Remigio Madrid-Crost

Mary Carmen Remigio Madrid-Crost

Immigration Attorney - Chicago, IL

No, it will not adversely impact your H-1B chances.

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Thomas Esparza Jr.

Thomas Esparza Jr.

Immigration Attorney - Austin, TX

Yes, it very well could. go see adan vega or bruce coane both immigration specialists in houston.

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