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Wild cats in my yard, what are my legal rights?

Pittsburgh, PA |
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There are multiple cats that keep coming to my yard even in the winter, and they will not go away. We do not feed them but have two cats of our own one which goes outside once and awhile.

We are trying to avoid any anti-cruelty laws here, but for me I can't take this any more and want them off the property. (we have tried plants, fertilizer, non work)

They have no owners, and appear not to have any tags, unknown if they have rabbis as well.

(What are my legal options)

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You may have a local animal control officer. Your best and probably the most humane bet is to call him or her and see what they can do for you. Otherwise, the strays are on your property and you could round them up and take them to a shelter or service, but this may result in some fees. Glad someone is willing to do the right thing here.

Best of Luck!

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In addition to the recommendations given, I suggest you find out why they are in YOUR yard. Is there a bird feeder that attracts them? Accessible garbage cans? A garage or shed they can shelter in? Something is bringing them to your property; find out what it is and remove the attraction.

You may also want to contact a shelter that does spay/neuter, release programs. Reduce the number of cats and reduce the scope of the problem, especially if it is a feral colony that is overrunning its area.

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As suggested, call animal control. However, as also suggested, you need to figure out why they are congregating in your yard.

This website has lots of great tips:

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