Why would they change my court date?

Asked over 5 years ago - Pomona, CA

I got arrested in January for my second DUI. Los Angeles County. I got a notice in the mail changing my court date from Apr. 1 to Apr. 29. When I was arrested and in the back of the cop car on our way to the station, the CHP pulled over a second person, did field test, towed car and then we were both taken to the station. Then it was another 45 minutes until we got to the hospital where they withdrew blood. Would they change my court date to wait on the blood results to come back?

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I forgot to state that I am not on any probation from the 1at case, as I was convicted in 2004 for the first DUI.

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  1. Brian C Andritch

    Contributor Level 13

    Answered . There are countless reasons as to why the court date was moved. There could have been a clerical mistake or perhaps your case has not been filed by the DA or City Attorney yet. To speculate as to why the court date was changed would just be a guess.

    Do you know if charges have been filed by the prosecuting agency yet? I would call the DA's Office or the City Attorney to find out if charges were filed.

    Brian Andritch

  2. Anthony A Arzili


    Contributor Level 11

    Answered . In my experience, the most common reason they push back court dates is because the CHP is not ready to turn over reports to the DA's office. This could be because they are waiting for blood tests or simply because they have a backlog of cases they are working on.
    Some agencies like the CHP are responsible enough to actually send you this courtesy notice. Other agencies don't bother and have you show up to court only to be told "no filing yet" and to check back. I've seen many clients not follow up and be suprised when they have a warrant. It's a good idea to check once a week.
    But to answer your question, it usually has to do wth a backlog of reports on the part of the arresting agency.
    best of luck,
    Anthony Arzili

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