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Why won't my health insurance company allow me cancel insurance in advance?

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In July I want to cancel my health insurance as of Sept. 30 because Medicare and Medigap begin Oct 1.

It takes 20 minutes on the phone to reach a human rep who states I must call 30 days prior to the desired expiration date. They sent me dozens of pages in the mail encouraging me to retain their crappy coverage for Medical. Yet they fail to include a cancellation form. Telephone menu states their website has all the forms one would ever need, but no form or other mechanism exists after logging in to cancel coverage. Want to make it an issue with them they are hopping people will forget to call 30 days in advance and pull more money from my checking account.

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You need to deal with someone much higher up the totem pole with he insurance company to get a right answer and simply cancel your insurance. I don't know why you would need to wait until 30 days prior to expiration of the policy, as that makes no sense. Normally, if you don't cancel a certain number of days before the policy ends the policy will automatically renew and you don't want that.

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The answer is likely within your insurance policy or contract. Often the policy can only be canceled based on specific life events and cancellation can only occur within a certain period of time before the life event. That would certainly make sense within the information the insurer's service associates are providing. Take a look at your policy or contract and see what it says about terminating or cancelling your policy. That document governs your insurance coverage.

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I would sit down and write a letter notifying the insurance carrier of your cancellation, effective immediately. I would send this letter, via certified mail, to the place where the policy identifies as the address of the carrier. Make a copy of the letter, the certified mail receipt when you send it, and then a copy of the return when you get it back from the postal service. Most health insurance policies can be cancelled at any time.

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Andrew Murphree Newcomb

Andrew Murphree Newcomb


Also, if you have an electronic transfer payment in place for the premium, I would notify your bank to terminate that immediately as well.

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