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Why isn't my DUI on my Michigan Criminal Record?

Detroit, MI |

Hi, i had a DUI or DWI in Michigan a few years back, sometime in 2006 or 2007, i Just pulled a copy of my criminal record the the Michigan state ICHAT website and all that shows up is a driving on a suspended license that i had in 2006. at the time i blew a 0.081, the limit in michigan was 0.08. Is ICHATpretty accurate?, why isn't there any record of the DUI on there? is it because i had a DWI instead of a DUI and didn't serve any jail time?..i don't remember which one it was and don't live in MI anymore. I ordered a certified copy but still would like to know. thank you

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If the incident happened in detroit, it is probably just a mistake. The clerk at the court probably didn't update the Michigan State police information correctly. I wouldn't look into it any further and be happy with your luck.



I sure am happy. it actually happened in the upper peninsula of MI, the reason is because i need to submit a criminal record from MI for some travel documents and the country that i plan to immigrate to would bar me from entering with a DUI, so i can either disclose it and hope for the best or not disclose it and hope the record stays the same. Thank you


Go to a Secretary of State branch office that has the capability to print-out driving records, and request your "7 year abstract" -- it costs about $8.00. See if that 7-year driving history reveals the OWI or OWVI. All my best, Matt Catchick

J. Matthew Catchick Jr.

J. Matthew Catchick Jr.


If you no longer reside in Michigan, you can order your driving record on-line via the Michigan Secretary of State's website. Here's a link to the site:,1607,7-127-1627_8996-31868--,00.html.


I have had experiences where ICHAT has been unreliable. Take the advice of the other two attorneys as they were spot-on with their advice. Good luck.


Can't tell you why it isn't on there. I have seen instances where things that should appear don't, and things that shouldn't appear do. ICHATs are usually pretty accurate, but there are anomalies.

A better way to confirm your OWI conviction would be to look into your Master Driving Record, which you can pick up for $8 at any Secretary of State branch office in Michigan with a valid photo identification. I go about it that way.

The designation between a DWI and DUI for purposes of a criminal record through ICHAT is in my estimation irrelevant in terms of whether something is or is not reflected on the report.

Best of Luck.

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Let this sleeping dog lie. If you ask the court for verification they may find the mistake and correct it.


You should run your record at the Secretary of State office. If it does not show you are lucky. There is no distinction between DWI, DUI in Michigan. It is a catch all charge of OWI or Operating Under The Influence. Talk to your previous lawyer maybe it was plea bargained to a no alcohol offense.


Order your court file and look at the judgment of conviction form. That form will tell you what the final charge entered in your case was. Call an attorney if you need any help from there.

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