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Why is that attorney refuses to talk about the monetary value of case? when some funds from insurance have already received?

Rosemead, CA |

it has been to years since the submission of this workers compensation case, neutral doctor already turned out favorable results in case. Client about to become homeless and in very bad health condition, wanting to contact higher authorities, attorney has kept client in the dark.

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  1. They're very busy since it is contingent type cases. Likely the attorney doesn't want to get into an argument about its value when it still in the development process.

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  2. I'd hate to disparage a fellow attorney without all the facts but from a basic standpoint, an attorney is required, per the State Bar Rules, to keep a client informed of the significant developments of the case. Just based on the extremely brief fact situation presented, it does not seem like the client has been kept apprised of the status of the case. Call your attorney and document these phone calls, especially if they go unreturned. Write them a letter including the dates called and ask them clearly you want to know what is going on with your case. Even though it should not be your burden to initiate this, at the end of the day you want answers and this may be the quickest way to get them.

  3. It is true that worker's compensation attorneys are very busy due to the voluminous caseloads they handle. However, I agree that attorneys have a duty to keep in contact with each client about significant developments. You can also go into the attorney's office and ask to schedule an appointment. If they refuse that and do not respond to your calls and letters, you can contact the State Bar and have them ivestigate. You can also terminate the attorney's services and hire a new attorney. Good luck.

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