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SERIOUSLY, even when the scam was discovered before the 2 conditional years were up and divorce occurred, they still need evidence of fraud? I have circumstantial evidence, because EXCUSE ME but I can't get a written statement from my abuser saying that he scammed me for green card. OK? All I have is circumstantial evidence and the fact that we got divorced before the 2 years were up, or should I say I discovered the scam then....USCIS should be aware that a large percentage of marriages are scam ..and yet they still give the aliens a "chance" to prove their marriage was real even if divorced with documents that they "lived together" but yet make it soo hard for the citizen to prove their fraud....

And what is the purpose of the I-751 WAIVER then? To give another chance to defraud system?

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Simply because the law as it currently stands does not consider a marriage to a USC that did not work out as being "fraudulent", and gives the foreign national already admitted to conditional permanent residence status a "second chance" during the I-751 self-petition process to prove that the "marriage" in question was entered into "in good faith" at its inception, without having anticipated all the problems that later ensued which ultimately led to separation and divorce. That's all.

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Thanks but it was a fraud marriage...first he forced/pressured me into marriage, cheated on me 1.5 months after conditional green card, did not seem interested in me physically, got engaged to his gf in his country right after filing for divorce from me and wants to bring her here, threatened me against an annulment bc I wanted the annulment when I realized it was a scam...he dragged out the divorce for 7 more months under threats....and you are telling me this isn't fraud? I reported everything to immigration..


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