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Why is it so difficult to get a simple call-back from an attorney?

Seattle, WA |

I live in Seattle and have been on the search for a good employment attorney. I have an employment case and have contacted several attorney's but no one even calls back. I find it a very bizarre way to do business. Are they so busy that they don't even have to call people back? I can't even get in to consider if I have a case, to have my severance package reviewed, nothing. What would be an appropriate time-frame to expect a call back from an employment attorney? I've never had this experience with other attorney's i've contacted. They are usually quite responsive.

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  1. I can only speak for myself as I try to get back to people in a day or two but if i have a trial or motion practice my attention is diverted. my advice: keep calling

    one thing I have had success with when trying to reach lawyers is calling around six pm. the secretaries have left and the lawyer hasnt and will pick up the phone

  2. No, this is not normal, and not something you should accept. I practice in employment law and would be happy to discuss your issue.

    Todd Wyatt

  3. Good question. I don't have an answer, but I have a suggestion. You might make it clear that you are willing to pay a consultation fee to have the severance agreement reviewed.
    Employment lawyers are frequently inundated with people looking for free consultations. Because the "at will employment" concept means that an employer can terminate an employee without any cause, most employees do not have claims. That being said, I would never sign away my rights without consulting with an attorney first. Even if that cost me a few hundred bucks.
    -Alex J. Higgins

  4. You clearly are calling the wrong attorneys. If I was a betting man I'd say you'll get a call back the same day if you call one of the attorneys answering this question on Avvo right now.

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