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Why do children feel the need to protect their abused parent?

Lansing, MI |

I am looking for any proof that children find the need to "Protect" their parent of abuse. For example, step-dad is abusive towards mom, and instead of wanting to live with dad in a safe home, they will lie and say things to cover for mom in an attempt to stay with her, feeling the need to protect her. Do you have any previous case references or law to help me with this?? Thank you for your time.

Attorney Answers 2

  1. You are asking a psychology question. There is no law requiring kids to lie so their mother stays with an abusive parent. Also, this forum is for people with current legal problems; Lawyers donate their time in an attempt to help people who have nowhere else to turn. This is not for philosophical questions.

  2. To bring this matter up in court, you will need an expert witness to explain behavior to the judge or jury. Ask your attorney to contact Dr. Karen Okla, here in Michigan, who often testifies as to memory, child witnesses, and propensity to lie.

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