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Why LAWYERS have not answered some questions, and why most questions are taking so long to answer by just one lawyer?

Columbus, OH |

I have piles of questions waiting there to answer, some I have had to re-asked again, yet still no reply. What's up with this website?

What's the point of having this website called "Expert Advice When You Need It", when someone keeps posting questions and lawyers refuse or scare to share their knowledge or Expertise?

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  1. This is easy to answer. The reason lots of your questions are waiting is that lawyers really watch their time. Their input here only helps the people out here who ask questions: the lawyers don't get any higher Avvo ratings, nobody is paying them for their knowledge, and they don't get a new client. The most that the lawyer gets, or at least this lawyer gets, is the feeling of helping someone to a small degree who has a legal problem. That;s altruistic at best and many lawyers are just not set up for that type of volunteer work in their own busy lives with the time demands of the practice of law, not to mention family, friends, church,, social groups, etc.

    The best I can tell you is that sometimes I to through the Avvo files and specifically look at unanswered questions, like I am right now, and fire off a semi-intelligent response to as many as I can.

    I am sorry that I could not provide a "magic bullet" for you in this area. Good luck to you in your case.

    Atty. Dennis A. DiMartino
    1032 Boardman-Canfield Road,
    Suite 103
    Youngstown, Ohio 44512-4238
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    The above information is shared for educational and discussion purposes only. No Attorney-Client relationship is intended or established through your reliance on the information provided. If your legal rights could be impacted by using this information, you are urged to seek legal counsel before taking action. Atty. Dennis A. DiMartino 1032 Boardman-Canfield Road Suite 103 Youngstown, OH 44512-4238 330.629.9030 Ext. 111 Phone 330.629.9036 FAX

  2. Refer to mOnitor.

  3. The answers provided here are by volunteers. We do our best, but most of the attorneys here are busy practitioners who are required to devote their time and resources to their caseload and come into the site in any spare time. My suggestion is to seek a free consultation with an area attorney. Or, in my jurisdictions the state and county bar associations have referral services that assist people to find an attorney, even a low-fee or no-fee if qualified.

  4. I answer questions actively in the Estate Planning section and have seen no unanswered questions, except occasionally one that has no relationship to estate planning and therefore cannot be answered by estate planning lawyers.

    I note your critical, demanding comment is also posted in 8 other sections of AVVO. My colleagues who have responded have been circumspect in their answers, but I choose to be a bit more direct, and to give some expert advice it appears you need.

    You apparently have legal problems in number of areas. The demanding and unappreciative tone of your questions perhaps indicates the source of your many legal problems. I have observed in working with clients over the years that those who focus on others and live with an "attitude of gratitude" have fewer legal issues than those who focus on themselves and how unfair life is to them.

    The lawyers on this website donate their time for the benefit of others. Sometimes questions are asked that are so poorly written we cannot figure them out. Sometimes there is an area of law that has no representatives on this board. Sometimes the one person who could answer your question is busy, on vacation or has a crisis in his or her own life that prevents them from participating.

    We do not always give the answers our questioners wish to hear, but if we didn't want to help, we wouldn't be here. We do our best ... generally a good life goal for all.

  5. As stated by my colleagues, we attorneys don't get paid to answer the questions, so we have to find time to look through the questions in our "spare" time- which is very precious to most of us. Further, we aren't able to answer just any questions, only those in areas that we are experienced in. Finally, I've looked at a few unanswered questions and I don't know if they are yours, but many of them I just can't figure out what the question is. To get an answer, you are best including some basic (not the entire story) facts and asking a question.

    This response contemplates only the laws of Ohio and is not intended to apply to other jurisdictions. None of the information in this response should be used or relied upon as legal advice or legal opinion about specific matters, facts, situations or issues. Viewing it does not establish an attorney-client relationship between you and Sherrille D. Akin, the law firm of Isaac, Brant, Ledman & Teetor LLP, or any of its individual attorneys

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