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Atlanta, GA |

Lets say you were to employ a legal assistant or lawyer. Do you really look at the prestige of college the applicant attended? In this case, UGA, GSU (state not southern), and Emory, are my choices I'm looking to attend for business then law school. Does it really matter in the job market?

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    If you think you'll end up in Atlanta, all three are good choices although the most selective school gets prestige points with some employers; then again, it can depend on the school attended by the person making the hiring decision!
    I you are likely to practice outside of Georgia, Emory would probably carry more weight. But, how well you do in law school should be of greater weight. Like college football teams, there tend to be a few great players everywhere; what the best football teams have is that sort of quality to a greater depth on their rosters. Lawyers in the hiring role tend to see law school talent the same way, so if you are near the top at any law school that should beat someone near the bottom at the prestige school.
    A final caveat: This is all very subjective stuff; what you are getting here is just my opinion. Good luck!

  2. A lot of big firms do consider the law school when evaluating a job applicant. The conventional wisdom is that the very top layer of students from almost any law school are going to be good. That top layer is perceived to be wider when dealing with a top-tier law school (like the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law at Arizona State University - Go Devils!). Good luck to you.

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  3. The quality of your school is a "door opener" particularly in foreign markets. If you intend to practice in Atlanta, then a local degree competes well with the top schools. However, top firms will no doubt take this into consideration. Once you have been in practice for a number of years, and proceed by reputation, it matters less.

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