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Who would like to take this small case (home security monitoring) to sue my soon-to-be ex and recover legal fees?

Auburn Hills, MI |

In my house, I recently installed surveillance cameras to monitor doors and windows from living room, dining room and kitchen. I've watched a lot of cold cases online lately. My soon-to-be-ex didn't object this in the first place. Today, without my consent, she suddenly unplugged all the cameras, saying she doesn't want to be watched. I explained nobody is watching and the video (no audio) will be retrieved only when bad thing happens, and that it is for the safety of the house. I don't want to involve in physical fight with her. Now I have more concerns and want more to use the surveillance cameras. This is my house, and the marriage is less than 1 and half years. She damaged one of the security cameras. I need the judge to tell her stop tampering with my security system and compensate me

The divorce takes time and I need to use the security monitoring system now. I'm positive that as the owner of my house, I have the legal rights to install and use security monitoring in my residence. Even without being able to recover damages and legal fees, I still need to sue her in order to protect my legal rights. So who would like to take my case?

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  1. I doubt you could collect any damages outside of a divorce case and I can guarantee you that you cannot recover legal fees on Michigan without a contract or statute.

    My answer to you question does not constitute legal advice. Only an in person or telephone consultation will result in an attorney/client relationship. Call me at (313)402-0853 to discuss your matter further.

  2. I agree with the other attorney who said that it is unlikely that you will collect damages on this case. This sounds like a divorce case. I handle family law cases, and I am available for a free consultation. (517)402-5229

    If you are seeking legal advice, you should contact an attorney. Neither use of the information on this page nor an email to this office establishes an attorney-client relationship. Such relationship can only be established by an express agreement.

  3. You'll have to PAY up front on this one.


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