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WHO WOULD BE RESPONABLE????? Good-Morning; a house that was Rented, and the tenant had housing assistance section 8 WHO/wHY?

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Good-Morning; if a house that was rented and the tenant had housing assistance section 8. I rented a house 9 1/2 years ago in 2005 or 2006 a enrgy assistance program came in a weatherition the house. years later tenant goes back to her doctor who she has been seeing for skin problems from 2006 to 2012 and her dcotor says that his medical option is that " I believe your medical problems are from your enviorment were you are living." tenant goes home asks her landlord if he would have the water, house inspected by a independant rdetired EPA specialist to find out what could be the problem. 5 days after the inspector comes to the house, he emails us the results and they are alarming to the landlord and Tenant However,in 2002 the housing program,came out inspected and passed the house 100%,

i want to know if the Landlord is Responable, or the Housing dept, andf or the people who contacTED THE WEATHERZATION out? or the Who is the perosn responsiable and Why???

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  1. If your problem is a medical one related to the house environment, then contact a personal injury lawyer for a consultation.

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