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Who will sign U-VISA Form

Orlando, FL |

I have been car Jacking Robbery June 2012. I have Police Report. And I can not get sign My U-VISA Form from Orlando Police Department. Everybody here in Police department don't wont sign They keep telling me we don't sign this form.?But form says Law enforcement have to sign.If Police don't want sign my forms ,who is here Law enforcement .When i show U-VISA Form they look to me like I'm crazy or they see this form first time. Please who knows who can sign. Thank You!

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The major hurdle to getting a U-Visa is the Law Enforcement Certification. Many police departments or Sheriff's offices will not sign, because they either don't understand what it is, or they have a blanket internal policy against signing. They can refuse to sign, because, under the law, their signature is discretionary. If your case was prosecuted, you may be able to get the prosecutor's office to sign. Sometimes, they can be more cooperative than the police department. In any event, all of this takes a lot of convincing and educating, and an attorney experienced with U-Visas can help you try to get the signature. Typically, their main hesitation is that they think that if they sign the form, you automatically get a green card. They are much more willing to consider it when an attorney explains to them that whether the applicant gets a green card is up to the Immigration Service, and their signature of the Law Enforcement Certification in no way guarantees that a green card will be granted. My advice to you is that you retain an attorney in your area that has experience with U-Visa cases and who will agree to help you try to obtain a signature.


The form instructions state who can sign, the do not HAVE TO sign. Just because you may have been the victim of a crime and reported it to the police does not mean you qualify for a U visa, if you were working with an attorney the would explain this to you.
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Perhaps the States Attorney or State Police or other involved law enforcement will sign. They have no obligation to sign.

The above is intended only as general information, and does not constitute legal advice. You must speak with an attorney to discuss your individual case.

Neil F. Lewis

Neil F. Lewis


There should be a U visa contact in the Orlando Police Department.


My colleagues are correct ... the police are not required to sign.

They are also correct in pointing out that you need an attorney to help you with this.

If you are low income go here: or

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