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Who should I contact when a Cell Provider interrupts your service... and they had no case

Dallas, TX |

They said my number expired I have had it for 11 years without interruption primarily for work. I had a text stating my service was paid for, for the next 2 months. they give little or no reason for doing so.... I am in charge of hiring for a Forbes 100 company..... I may loose my contract if I cannot function at 100%.............. who do I need

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Your question posted to the Criminal Defense forum for some reason. I'd try to move it for you, but I don't really know where it should go. I do know that current federal law provides that your telephone number is essentially your property, meaning that you can take it with you from one provider to another, and it seems like that would be te logical next step if you can't work things out with your provider. The only circumstances where that whole "expired number" thing would make any sense are if a whole area code was being shut down or something, and I can't imagine that happening. I wonder whether maybe they gave your number to someone else by mistake? Have you tried calling it to see if anyone answers? If that's what happened, you may have to either initiate some sort of legal action and/or contact the FCC--I don't handle that type of legal matter, so I'm afraid that's about all I can tell you, good luck.

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