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Who should I contact if I suspect my doctor misdiagnosed me on purpose in the name of making money in the state of Texas?

Rockwall, TX |

When I was a child my psychiatrists kept me in the hospital in the inpatient ward for over two years as a result of his fraudulent misdiagnoses as "borderline schizophrenic". The reason I suspect this is because no other psychiatrists heard of being borderline you either you are or your not it's what I was told.
Also, very shortly after that insurance companies stop paying for such an extensive inpatient treatment for reasons I'm not entirely aware of. But I suspect it's for the reasons that am talking about now.

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    Texas medical malpractice claims are very hard to pursue now days because of "tort reforms" passed in 2003. A Texas plaintiff must be able to prove (1) a dramatic error occurred; (2) serious injury or death; and (3) a direct cause-and-effect link between the error and the injury. In cases involving misdiagnoses of mental conditions, the hard part is usually establishing enough financial loss to justify a claim. See, Texas laws cap damages relating to mental anguish, pain, and other non-economic damages. Those types of damage categories are greatly minimized under the tort reform scheme.

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  2. This is a very tough case to bring.
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