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Who should bear the costs?

Woodland Hills, CA |

AME evaluation repot is completely off. Don’t reflect my true condition.
He ignored just about all medical reports from my doctors from Kaiser to WC doctors.
If I decide to take his Deposition. Do I have to bear the costs?

Attorney Answers 3

  1. Best answer

    You may have to advance the costs to AME and the Court Reporter, but they can be reimbursed under Labor Code §5811. See this page:

    If you have an AME it appears you would also have an attorney, unless you dismissed the attorney and are now in pro per.

  2. Unless you know more about the law than a lawyer, don't try this. Unless you know more about medicine than the doctor, don't try this. You can't play in someone else's game and have a prayer of winning if you don't know the game!

  3. Attorney Harris is right you can seek reimbursement under 5811.

    I competely agree with Attorney Borah, I do not recommend you try to depose the AME without legal assistance.

    This communication does not constitute "legal advice", nor does it form an attorney-client relationship.