Who pays child support im lost

The mother of my children took me for child support, she was the petitioner and i was the respondent. Through out the final order the boxes next to the respondent was checked to pay you know the back child support and the monthly charges, Well the judge wrote a hand note under a section of the final order and it said "THE AMOUNT OF_____$ WILL BE PAID TO MR._________ AT THE RATE OF __$ PER MONTH WHICH WILL BE ADDED ON TO THE ___$ MONTHLY CHILD SUPPORT OBLIGATION" so would that mean she pays me because it says in the hand note paid to me im confused lol.

Shenandoah, VA -

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Jennifer E Mandell

Jennifer E Mandell

Family Law Attorney

What in the name of _______ are you taking about?! Are you asking if the custodial parent of your children should be paying you money because the order inadvertenly indentifies you as the payee of the child support? That question may make you one very smart whatever you are in life and one really crappy non-custodial parent. So, the "lol" reference, I really get...I do.

If you want a humorous answer to your question, I'm sure the world is full of them (including me on certain days). However, if these are your children, then all humorous or legal quibles aside, you owe them certain duties in life that are not humorously dismissed by "lol".

If your case is more serious than that, then I urge you to please retain competent counsel to represent you. Otherwise, please stop taking up valuable leagl time.

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Brian Randolph Moore

Brian Randolph Moore

Family Law Attorney - Lynchburg, VA

If you know that you are the one who is supposed to be paying but for the minor clerical error in the handwritten portion then I suggest you pay as ordered. The court would not find your argument very compelling or amusing in the event the custodial parent takes you back to court for nonpayment. Trying to get cute with minor errors in court orders gets a lot of people (including attorneys) in trouble.

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