Who pays attorney fees in florida when foreclosing bank files voluntary dismissal .is the homeowner responsible for banks fees

after bank started foreclosure proceedings on my florida homesteaded residence,i went thru mediation program and came to an agreement,which i followed thru on with all payments,and they proceeded with foreclosure anyway.i had to hire an attorney to bring them to court to make them follow thru with agreement.the banks attorney then went ahead with a voluntary dismissal.i paid all fees and back mortgage pymts.to reinstate loan.this was 6 months ago.i have made all pymts.since,in full and on time.recently i received an addittional 1,800.00 on my mortgage statement with no explanation.when i called the bank,they said they had just received another bill from their lawyers,and i had to pay it.am i responsilble for this,isn't there a timeframe,and should i have paid all their legals fees at all?

Fort Myers, FL -

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Marian Audrey Lindquist

Marian Audrey Lindquist

General Practice Lawyer - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Read your mediation agreement. Ask your lawyer. I am sure there is a contract in place that states who is to pay the attorney fees.

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