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Who owns the domain name, me or my tribe?

Charlotte, NC |

I purchased a domain name for my Indian tribe and I paid for it for 2 years in a row. The Tribe has paid for its renewal one time and they bought software for me to keep the site up to date.

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  1. That's a matter between you and the tribe. But if you've left it up in the air, you've left it vague.

    However, since it's the tribe's name, and you did what you did for the tribe, and you needed the tribe's authority to do it, and since the domain name refers to the tribe rather than you.... based on the skimpy information you've provided, it would certainly be morally wrong for it to be yours rather than the tribe's.

  2. You might have some basis to ask your Tribe for some consideration, but it hardly makes the domain name yours. What if I had taken that domain name when I did my own, lo, these many years past. Would it be mine?

    Work out a deal. Help out your tribe. Consider it a good deed done.

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  3. It depends on the domain name and whether it is similar to their name. I am sure that they have protection for their name. It also depends on the circumstances surrounding your setting up the website and purchasing the domain. Your best bet is to work something out with the tribe.

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