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Who is the best business lawyer specializing in the health/beauty category in the Seattle area?

Bellevue, WA |

I am looking to purchase a spa and need legal help.

Attorney Answers 3

  1. A good idea is to go to and ask for Seattle business lawyers. This has a peer review component which will give you the evaluations of lawyers by other lawyers. I don't know of anyone who specializes in spas but purchase and sale transactions are conducted the same regardless of the type of business. It sounds like you might benefit from a consutant in the industry as well. You will also nee a good accountant.

  2. I've been handling purchase and sale of business transactions for 15 years. I've never seen an attorney in Seattle proclaim that they specialize in the health/beauty category, but it is possible. In cities like NY and LA that may be a specialization a lawyers can successfully make since the beauty and fashion industries are much larger there. I've handled the purchase of a local spa before along with numerous other kinds of businesses. I encourage you to do web research for a local attorney who has experience in transactions involving the purchase and sale of a business. I also encourage you to find a local attorney who is experienced in working with start-up businesses. The lawyer will only be one member of your team. The other important professional will be a CPA. And, you may need additional experts unique to aspects of the transaction to guide you. For example, you may need advice regarding the commercial property involved, and the unique valuation issues associated with the business you are purchasing--especially if you will be trying to obtain SBA loans or other financing to make the purchase. An experienced transaction/start-up attorney will be able to spot those kinds of issues. He or she will also have some contacts that are trusted for certain purposes--all resources that should benefit you more than working with an attorney that does not have transaction experience.

  3. The best lawyer is one that you are comfortable working with and who has knowledge and experience so you are not paying for training. Ms. Weaver is right. You need to talk to anyone else you know who has purchased a similar business and see if they can refer you to somone.

    You are wise to want to consult with an experience lawyer. Please pursue your search before you sign anything or pay any money.

    You should know that, generally, Washington lawyers cannot advertise themselves as "best" or "expert". However, we can tell you about our experience. If you want to talk, I always provide a free initial telephone consultation--up to 30 minutes. There are no strings attached and you are free to terminate at any moment. My web site is at:

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