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Who is responsible for removing a dead tree in a trailer park? My mother owns the trailer but rents the lot.

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My 83 year old mother owns a trailer in a supposed, senior citizen, mobile home park. A large maple tree in front of her house is about to fall. It could fall either way but it will fall on a home whichever way it falls and it will cause big time damage. Who is responsible for removing that tree? The rental agreement says that the landlord is not responsible for the rental grounds but there is so much "not responsible" stuff in that agreement that it's hard to know what is true. My mom has already tapped into her insurance twice for falling dead tree debris but this one is the "Grand Mal" and will flatten whatever it falls on. She is in Ohio. Is there a free agency that she can call to get this tree checked out and is the landowner responsible for removing it?

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For a proper answer, you really need to have an attorney read the lease. Not being responsible for the rental grounds is different from not being responsible for a tree that they know is a hazard.
There are plenty of good attorneys in the Cincinnati area. Search Avvo for a landlord tenant attorney. If you can't find anyone there, try the Cincinnati Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service, I have provided a link below, or the University of Cincinnati Law School Clinical Program. I have read what they post on their web page and nothing seems to fit exactly, but there might be some help there if you contact them. The clinical programs are free and have upper level law students represent you under the supervision of a professor.

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