Who is responsible for having code viaolations corrected in a building.? The lessor or the Lessee?

I am renting a store front to start a business. The store front needed to be renovated for the type of business we are starting. Upon one of the inspections we were told there needed to be a 2 hour fire barrier on the exsiting ceiling. Since we do not own the building who is responsible for having this work done? This is a code issue with the building. Why should the lessee be responsible for the lessors building to be up to code? The lease reads as follows: Property (A) Lessor agrees to lease to lessee the premises known as store front location 4376 Murray Avenue in the city of Pittsburgh county of Allegheny in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania Zip Code 15217 with improvements consisting of: This line is blank.

Pittsburgh, PA -

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Alan James Brinkmeier

Alan James Brinkmeier

State, Local, and Municipal Law Attorney - Chicago, IL

The building owner is needed to do the code repairs.

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