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Who is legally responsible for children when a parent leaves a child in another part of the house casually with another person?

South San Francisco, CA |

I am living in co housing, a large residential house with 16 people sharing a kitchen and living room, garden etc. It is informal with no written agreements. We are not related. What does the law say about who is responsible for a child who is harmed by accident when the parent is in a another part of the house? What if there are verbal agreements that the house members are all responsible for the children? Who would the law hold accountable if a child had a preventable fatal accident in such circumstances?

Attorney Answers 1

  1. What would cause someone to ask such a question? If there are children at the house that are in such risk of a "preventable fatal accident", then AVVO is not where you should be making your inquiries. If you are the parent, then get your child to a safer location. If not, then someone needs to call social services.