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Who is Broker insurance , life , health can be pay for for prostituituion ?be a regular client to the prostitute?

La Jolla, CA |

a broker life health insurance have being paying to be with prostitute , he can loose his license if this is come out ?

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You should also be concerned about possible allegations of blackmail or extortion if threats to keep quiet we're made to the broker.

But it's likely if it did come out, he could lose his license.



actually im a wife of this broker , i found out in his emails all appointment with many escorts and agency . i have being copy all email that hes making appointment and some email direct to the escort ,If i have ll information ( email that he sent has all his broker information to the agency ) where can i forward those document to the insurance to prove that this professional is being involved with that kind crime ?

Benjamin P. Cloward

Benjamin P. Cloward


I'm sorry to hear about that. What a jerk. I would have to kow the type of broker exactly to determine where he is licensed. Sorry about this whole problem.



Life, health , accident , investiment , i think all of that one broker insurance could have , he donnt have only with car, house insurance .Thank you so much for quickly answer


Possible under § 490 Business & Professions Code, but not expected unless there is an arrest or criminal conviction.

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If you are asking whether or not a life insurance broker can loose his license for prostitution than I agree with the previous answer.

But, more information is needed - and wouldn't you be equally concerned about the risk of an arrest and other ramifications???

This is my opinion and should not be construed as legal advise for your specific case as there are many more facts which you have not provided.

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