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Who gets to keep engagement ring ? In California

Belmont, CA |

She kept saying our relationship wasnt going to work unless i changed who i was so after the 5th time over 5 months or so i told her then i need to leave as i was in her house and she seemed to be getting mad at me allot and sleeping on the couch .So thats the how part of the breakup .She took the wedding band out of my safe and would wear it allot .We were together 2.5 yrs and engaged and living together for 1 yr .She said she is keeping both rings end of story .The wedding band was never given to her in the first place and i feel like its been stolen as for the engagement part of the ring California law seems on one hand if guy breaks it off she keeps it but she had allot to do with the final breakup wasnt like i cheated or got cold feet i tried to work it out during our 2.5 yr

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She does not get to keep wedding ring. You have chance of getting engagement ring back under Civil Code Section 1590 if court deems it just. It really depends who they believe caused the breakup.

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Thank you Steven, this one here is very similiar to my situation, appreciate your help