Who does the personal property go to and what should i do

my father just passed away and his family has all of his belongings i have three other siblings

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Amanda Marie Cook

Amanda Marie Cook

Probate Attorney - San Diego, CA

I am sorry for your loss. The answer to this question depends on whether there is a will or trust in place. Most people provide that personal property should be divided among everyone as they agree. However, sometimes there is a rotation provided for or certain items that go to certain people.

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Eric Jerome Gold

Eric Jerome Gold

Probate Attorney - Calabasas, CA

The distribution of personal property after death depends on whether the decedent has a valid will or trust. The provisions of a will or trust will generally prevail, especially as to personal items of nominal value. Assets of greater value could be the subject to creditor's claims, etc.

At this point, you would be best served to consult with a local probate attorney to aid you with the process of handling your father's estate.

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