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Who do I contact to help a family friend who was wrongly imprisoned for production of child pornography with their child?

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Years ago, (friend) was caught "socializing" (words and pics, etc.) with a (minor) online. Police searched (friend)'s home and found child porn on the computers, including a lewd video of (friend)'s then 10 year old (child). Previously charged with possession of child porn, in 2009 (friend) was sentenced to prison for life.

According to family, the (minor) my friend was socializing with online lied about their age being 20+. (Minor)'s family got away with no charges. And (child) is now 16 and can speak for their self. (Child) admitted to the video being of them, but adds that the acts were committed out of sexual curiosity, unknown to parents, on a cam chat site, which recorded video cache to the hard drive.

(Friend) was primary income for family, who now scrape by with $40k- for 3.

~~SORRY, I think I mislabeled the question. I reposted it with a different question without a category, since I think pornography is misleading. I have no idea how to delete this question~~ (Friend) wasn't actually sentenced to life, just 25+ years. However, (friend) is in their 50's. And not being that healthy, (friend) will probably die in prison. (Friend's) spouse has been supporting their family of three (two minors) with a $3k monthly income (as a janitor) for the last four years. (Spouse) was not a good English speaker, and (child) was too young to speak up, which is why they say my (friend) was wrongly sentenced. A search was done into the (minor)'s part in this, but the findings were inconclusive. Which really seemed like the police did not try at all, since this was done under the flag of Project Safe Childhood against the United States.

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Unfortunately, it may be too late to take any further steps, if the conviction was in 2009. It's not clear, from the question, if your friend pursued any appeal at the time of his conviction, or who represetned him at that time. That attorney would be the first person to contact.

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