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Who can I talk to? District attorney?

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My husband is charged as a co dependent with 4 others . Charges include possession of firearm and possession or purchase of drugs . The individual keeps telling that the weapon belongs to them however no one is listening and they keep trying to charge my husband with this firearm that is not his . It was the individuals house where the firearm was found and their telling the public defender that's their firearm .

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Your husband's lawyer is in the best position to assert his rights. If you're not happy with the job they're doing, you have the option to hire private counsel; someone who will have more time to devote to this case.


Remember that the District Attorney is the prosecutor!!

Anything you say to the District Attorney can turn around and be used against any of the defendants, possibly even your husband. It can also make you a "witness" and subject to be called to testify at trial.

Speak to your husband's attorney. He or she should know how the information can assist your husband and how to use it, for the best benefit to your husband.


If you really want to see your husband go to prison go talk to the DA about what is going on among the defendants.


NO, NO and NO. The DA won't talk to you anyway. A defense attorneys job is protect the interest of their client. That why each defendant has a separate attorney - to look after their individual interests. A defense attorney can't help a co-Defendant - that's not his job and would get him disbarred. Your husband's attorney is the one to fight for him. Let him do his job because if you get involved, you'll only make things worse.

David Saul Martinez

David Saul Martinez


Avoid the DA. He's part of the team trying to convict your husband of a crime. The public defender should be representing only one of the four co-defendants. The others are represented by either conflict defense attorneys (if they otherwise can't afford private counsel) or private counsel. If no-one is listening to your husband, have him retain a private attorney.

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