Who can I sue? What category does it fall under?

Asked over 2 years ago - Riverside, CA

After my c-section, I kept getting "gas cramps" & ran a 104 fever & had the shivers. My OB still released me. I went to the ER the next day where I was seen by a new OB. He performed emergency surgery on me. I had a hemotoma in my stomach & my c-section was severely infected. He said it was the worse he had seen. I stayed in the hospital for an additional 3.5 weeks. My baby was not allowed in & I could not breast feed due to the strong anti-biotics I was on. I was also on a wound vac. I went home with an IV line in my arm & the wound vac. I spent the next 4 months recovering. To this day, part of me feels distant from my baby and I feel I suffer the trauma. I think about the pain I was in everyday. I want justice to be served. There were several signs but nobody responsible for them.

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  1. Patrick John Phillips

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    Answered . The facts you describe may very well give rise to a claim for medical malpractice. However, you will likely need the expert opinion of another doctor stating that the medical providers who treated you did not exercise the requisite degree of care.

    For a database of experts who can assess your records, visit this link: http://www.jurispro.com and enter the relevant search criteria.

    As noted above, the statute of limitations for medical malpractice claims is typically just one year, so time is of the essence.

    Good luck.

    This answer is a general interpretation of the law and is not fact specific to your case. Likewise it does not... more
  2. Marc Edward Stewart

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    Answered . The deadline to file a lawsuit in California is just 1 year. Run, do not walk, to a local medical negligence attorney. The key to your case is the fever prior to discharge. Also I would be curious if your blood labs prior to discharge showed elevated white cells or neutrophils. Every case, even the good ones, has a challenge in it somewhere. Yours will be the extent to which you can prove that a delay in treatment of roughly 24 hours or more could have made an over-arching difference in your need for a subsequent procedure, the wound vac, the need for long term
    Antibiotics, etc. But my guess is that it could be proven. Find an attorney quick. Make sure he or she has a great deal of experience in this area.

  3. Jeffrey Ira Schwimmer

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    Answered . This is obviously a medical malpractice claim and you should consult with an attorney in your area who specializes in that field (preferably one who has handled c-section cases) right away. You do not indicate when the initial C-Section delivery was. I believe, and you can verify this with the attorney you consult, that California has a 3 year statute of limitations for medmal claims. I the incident occurred more tnan 3 years ago, you could be time-barred from bringing a suit. If you were dealing with a governmentally run faciility or doctor, there can even be a shorter statute of limitations. Run, don't walk. The consultation will be free.

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