Who can I sue? I am very angry. A default judgment was won against me in Minnesota for monies that my former fiance owned to a

Asked over 1 year ago - Minneapolis, MN

Homeowner's Association. I was not on the title or deed and never was responsible for the HOA payments. They are trying to collect on this judgment via a collections agency who contacted my family member and embarrassed me. I have a 780 credit score and have never had a late payment in my life. Is my good credit at risk? Are my assets at risk? I think it is very unfair that I have this much stress over a property and debt that was never mine. I didn't even sleep well last night. I would like to hire a sharp, aggressive attorney to file suit.

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    Answered . The first question is how did they acquire a default judgment against you? If you were not properly notified of the action by service, the first step is to file a Motion seeking to reopen the action so that you can present evidence with regard to liability for the debt.

    The second issue is whether the collector of the debt violated the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. If the collections agency advised family members, or neighbors that you owed a debt, that may be a violation.

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  2. Answered . Once that judgment shows up on your credit report, you won't have a 780 anymore. Deal with the judgment, then dispute it on your credit report.

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    Answered . Okay, please stop asking the same question. Once is enough. Twice is plenty, three times...

    The answers are not really going to change.

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