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Who can help me with a Paraguard lawsuit in Houston, Texas?

Houston, TX |
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I had Paraguard inserted in October of 2011 after the birth of our 2nd child. I had it removed after a consistent yeast issue, that has now become a permanent bacterial issue I am still dealing with 2 years later with no cure. I have called multiple firms and no one is taking cases. Anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. Below is a link to another person who had an issue with Paraguard. You may want to try the attorneys that responded to them.

    Good luck.

  2. There have been numerous inquiries on this site about Paraguard IUDs. Several firms have filed class actions or mass actions against this company, and a quick Google search should give you the names of some of the firms handling these cases.

    As with any type of personal injury matter, the particular facts of your case must be fully investigated. Without such an investigation, it is impossible for anyone in this forum to advise you whether you would be best served by pursuing an individual medical malpractice lawsuit, or joining a class action or mass tort action. Also, keep in mind that the law limits the amount of time in which you may bring a lawsuit, so you should not delay seeking legal advice for this or any other claims.

    Legal Information is Not Legal Advice My answer provides information about the law based on the limited information provided in the questions asked and is not intended to provide legal advice or opinions, and does not constitute an attorney-client relationship. The answer to the question is for educational and informational purposes only. The law differs in each jurisdiction and may be interpreted or applied differently depending on the jurisdiction or situation. Accordingly, I highly recommend that you consult with an attorney to discuss the details of your problem so you can get legal advice tailored to your particular circumstances. I am licensed to practice law in California, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

  3. The IUD cases are being pursued as mass actions, not class actions, and the names of the firms handling them may obtained through google searches. Also, only select manufacurers have been sued for their devices.

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