Who are the Best Attorneys for Civil Forfeiture practicing in Spokane?

I had a large amount of property seized in a drug raid regarding my medical cannabis. I have consulted with Jeffry Finer and think he probably is The Best, but he doesn't have the time to take on my case. I've spoken with several other attorneys in the area and they don't feel that they have the right experience to represent me. This forfeiture case was in the administrative process, that hearing was concluded with a negative result. There is a parallel criminal case in the Spokane Superior Court for which I do have representation from a public defender. I need to appeal the forfeiture to the Superior Court within the next 30 days. Who can help me do this?

Spokane, WA -

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Scott Weymouth Lawrence

Scott Weymouth Lawrence

Criminal Defense Attorney - Seattle, WA

Attorneys on this forum are prohibited from endorsing other attorneys in these answer. Call the attorneys you have identified for references or read the appropriate avvo profiles. GOOD LUCK!

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