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White Passport - who qualifies and how to you apply?

Reston, VA |

I have a family member who has had her "green" card for years but is unable to stay in the US for long periods because her elderly mother needs care. She's the only person who can care for her and that causes her to be gone 6-8 months at a time.

Upon returning to the US last week she was berated by the customs agent at the airport that she "doesn't live here" since she was gone 8 months and only stayed the previous time for 5 months. She's worried about the prospect of losing her green card.

Someone suggested a "white passport". My questions are:

1) Is the application form I-131?
2) Who qualifies for a "white passport"?
3) Can she come and go with frequency using it, or is she expected to stay out 1+ year but less than 2yrs?
4) Does the passport stop the residency clock?

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A consultation with an immigration lawyer could have resolved the issue. Yes your friend can apply for re-entry permit, it doesnt stop the residency clock. Its just a traveln document for lawful permanent residents.

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