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While trying to make a left turn on a double lane rd a driver comes from behind me and runs into my vehicle I got ticketed $166

Sanford, FL |

the officer wrote the accident report wrong stating that I cut into on coming traffic and I did not yield to on coming traffic right of way violation.The accident report was not given to me on the day of the incident,I went and got it at the police station the following Tuesday when I was informed it would be available by the officer.That evening when I sat to look it over, I found that the officer had made an error he had the other driver driving towards me,west and I was traveling east, when actually we both were traveling east like I stated this person came from behind me.I contacted the officer and explained to him that the report was not correct.The report was updated and the officer said that it did not matter I was at fault regardless.I'am fighting this ticket these people are W

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If you were indeed stopped waiting to make a left turn and were rear-ended, it does not sound like the accident was your fault. The facts as you have explained them are a little unclear on this point, however, that is what your caption/question states. Depending on the location of the damage on your car and the damage on the car that hit you, you may be able to prove that you were hit from the rear and successfully fight the ticket in court. Most of the time when you are hit from behind, the collision was not your fault. Fighting this may be considerably more difficult if the damage is on either side of your car. You may want to consult with a local attorney who is familiar with the local traffic court and judge and see if he or she can defend you for a reasonable fee.


If you were making a legal left turn and the driver from behind you struck you, then you should not be held at fault in the collision. There should be a method for fighting the ticket in your state. Just be sure that you appropriately request a hearing on the matter so that you can explain what was happening and the facts of the accident


The officer can often add a supplement to the police report. This is often done when the officers makes factual mistakes or fails to identity vehicle occupants involved in an accident. You should follow up with the officer.


What, specifically, is your question?

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