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Where to mail in DACA apication in texas?

Dallas, TX |

I'm confused as to which uscis lockbox address I should mail in my DACA application. There's two, one in dallas and one in lewisville.

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  1. The Dallas address is for regular USPS mail. Lewisville is for USPS Express Mail or courier

  2. Any one will do. Choose the address that is closest to the place of your residence.

    Just as an aside, if I were you, I wouldn't mail the DACA application to the P.O.Box, but to the street address given for Express or Overnight Mail Delivery service. You would save a week by doing so, and, if you pay a few dollars more and ship via FedEx you can track your package in "realtime"

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  3. I must respectfully disagree with my learned colleague Mr. Behar.

    I never, and I do mean NEVER use a private courier company to file with USCIS.

    I always, and I do mean ALWAYS, us the United States Postal Service.

    Aside from supporting our government, and avoiding raising postage stamp rates, the USCIS has a special arrangement with the USPS.

    Courier package deliveries can actually take longer to process ... because they don't go directly to the mailroom, as with using the PO Box.

    Of course, use Certified Mail with Return Receipt Requested, or USPS Overnight Express mail, which also uses tracking.

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