Where do we turn when we find blood all over our sandwiches that we purchased from a sandwich shop???

Asked over 1 year ago - Crystal Lake, IL

A friend of mine and myself ate at a sandwich shop this weekend. As we were eating, I noticed blood drippings on both of our sandwiches. We drove back to the restaurant to find the owner had cut himself with new knives he was using and had stepped out of the shop. We showed them our sandwiches. They took information and apologized. As we walked out, the owner approached us and apologized! REALLY,,,,,, he knew he had a cut, didn't wear a glove and his blood dripped all over our food. Needless to say, I stepped out of the vehicle and vomited just from the thought. We will be going to our doctors office for blood tests soon. We are scared of what could happen.

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  1. Christian K. Lassen II


    Contributor Level 20


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    Answered . I'm sorry to hear about this, and the owner should get you a full refund and perhaps some coupons.

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  2. Judy A. Goldstein

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    Answered . Relax. You are probably fine. If you wish to contact the Board of Health, you may do so, but you do not have enough for a lawsuit. The sandwich shop will be more than happy to offer you a refund a free stuff but you may not want to return there but vomiting is not enough damage to take this to court.

  3. John Paul Thygerson


    Contributor Level 17


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    Answered . I agree with my colleagues.

  4. Stephen Patrick Rapp


    Contributor Level 11


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    Answered . While your case may not have the value of a serious injury case, there are attorneys that will probably assist you. I would consider contacting an attorney regarding this matter. In my experience, you might uncover a pattern of such activity and in Illinois, you can recover for "risk of future injuries." An alternative is to make a direct claim with the place and ask that their insurance company to contact you. This is merely general information and you should know and protect your legal rights. Lastly, vomiting is a common response in these situations as I have reviewed cases and handled similar cases where once the person realized the contaminated food, the initial bodily response was to vomit.

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